SVG Activity Highlight: Fort Charlotte

While there are plenty of activities to enjoy at the resort, many guests also enjoy discovering the gems of St. Vincent and The Grenadines.

Today, travelers seek the serenity of this Caribbean locale, however it’s eventful past wasn’t always so laidback. A popular historic site is Fort Charlotte, located a short drive away from our capital city, Kingstown.

Completed in 1806, this British colonial era fort housed around 600 troops. There were more than 30 canons, but only a few of them remain today. Interestingly, most of the canons weren’t pointed outward to protect against a navel attack, rather they were pointed inland to defend against the Caribs and French.

Fort Charlotte Cannonphoto: Kay Wilson

Fort Charlotte is situated 600 feet above sea level. With a single 360-degree turn, take in incredible panoramic views of the bustling Kingstown harbor, Mt. St. Andrew and Ottley Hall.

Views at Fort Charlotte photo: Kay Wilson

You can also admire the island chain of Grenadines and the region’s stunning natural landscape.

Ariel View from Fort Charlotte

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