Our Story

“If you desire it, it is yours.”

The allure of a private island is a story for the ages. Even 300 years ago, tradition tells us that mighty Carib Chief Joseph Chatoyer, spotted a stallion belonging to Sir William Young, the British Governor at the time. He greatly admired the horse and wished to own it. “If you desire it,” replied Sir William to the Chief, “it is yours.” Chief Chatoyer readily accepted the horse in exchange for an island, Young’s Island, later known as Young Island.

Over the years, Chief Chatoyer went on to become a national hero. Recognized as the chief of chiefs, Chatoyer led his fellow Caribs in their plight to hold onto their homeland. Today, he remains admired for his intellect, diplomacy and fierce desire to protect the natives.

Many years later, Young Island’s idyllic qualities and highly desirable Caribbean seclusion attracted the lens of travel professionals. The island was developed into a luxury resort by John Houser of the Hilton Group before ownership moved in 1980 to its current Vincentian owners, Mr. Vidal Browne and Sir Frederick Ballantyne.

Mr. Browne is a career-long hospitality and business professional. Sir Frederick, is a cardiologist by trade and served as the country’s Chief Medical Officer from 1985-1992. He is also a prominent businessman, has built a successful physician training program for the country and continues to be a statesman. Since 2002, Sir Frederick has served as Governor-General of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. In connection with his new appointment, he was created a Knight Grand Cross of the Order of Saint Michael and Saint George by Queen Elizabeth II.

Under the care of Mr. Browne and Sir Frederick, Young Island has developed into the Caribbean’s quintessential private island vacation destination. They take great pride in caring for their community while introducing Young Island guests to the resort and homeland.

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Young Island’s spectacular scenery, secluded setting and superb service are impetus for the many loyal guests who return often. The resort’s appeal lies beyond the idyllic setting says Mr. Browne: “We are very low key. Our cottages are free of televisions, as people need a quiet escape. We have dedicated staff with a staff to guest ratio of 3:1. Many guests come back specifically to see our staff.

Guests do what they want to do in their own time. There is no pressure, no organized tours. Guests simply set their own pace.” 

Sir Frederick adds, “We foster a relationship with our clients that makes them feel as if they are in their own homes. The resort sets very high standards for personal service.”

Everyone who visits Young Island becomes a part of the story as much as the island becomes a part of them. What will your chapter hold?

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