Things to do in St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Completed in 1806 and situated 600 ft. above sea level, discover panoramic views of the bustling Kingstown harbor and the island chain of Grenadines.

This historic site housed around 600 troops with over 30 canons which were mostly pointed inland to defend against Caribs.

Originally built in 1823 and renovated a few times since, this Romanesque church boasts colorful courtyards, enchanting archways and beautiful fountains.

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St. George’s Cathedral

(Church of England) The nave and the lower stages of the tower date from 1820. The galleried interior is a charming example of late Georgian architecture with beautifully stained glass windows.

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Currently on the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List, these ancient excised drawings on rocks done by pre-Columbian people, likely the Ciboney and later, the Arawaks and Caribs. The best known and most easily accessible are near the pretty fishing village of Layou, by a river, about a quarter mile from the main road.

Photo Credit: Caribbean Heritage Network

Nature and Wildlife

Botanical Gardens

Botanical Gardens

These gardens are the oldest in the Western Hemisphere. Established in 1765, they cover 20 acres and are overlooked by the Governor General's House. Among the many tropical plants can be found a descendant of the original Breadfruit tree which Captain Bligh brought to the island.

Photo Credit: Kay Wilson

Vermont Nature Trail

There are two marked trails starting near the top of Buccament Valley. They lead through virgin tropical rain forests where there is a good chance of seeing (or hearing) the St. Vincent Parrot (Amazona Guildingi) and the Whistling Warbler, both unique to St. Vincent.

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La Soufriere

This volcano last erupted on April 13, 1979. Today, climb to its peak at 4,048 feet. Ideal for the energetic and physically fit, this trip can be arranged through the front office, and a guide is recommended.

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Montreal Gardens

Located on the Montreal Estate, discover the lush, remarkable beauty of this trio of gardens — Rain Forest Garden, the Colour Garden, and the Formal Garden. High up the mountain, soak in magnificent views across ridges and valleys to the sea.

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Mesopotamia Valley

The panoramic views here are probably unsurpassed in the Caribbean, surrounded by mountain ridges with Mount Grand Bonhomme dominating at 3,181 feet. Often referred to as St. Vincent’s breadbasket, this broad, fertile valley is brimming with farmlands growing root crops, fruits, vegetables and spices such as bananas, nutmeg, coconuts, cocoa and other tropical plants.

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East Coast

The colorful moods of the Atlantic Ocean have contributed to the ruggedly artistic landscape of the east coast. Several small villages call this home including Sandy Bay, where descendants of the early Carib settlers still reside.

Dark View Falls

Fabulous fun on St. Vincent, walk just 10-15 minutes to a natural bamboo bridge spans this "tumbling river" luring you to an enchanting setting of two majestic waterfalls that cascade into pools below. Naturally surrounded by a bamboo cathedral, this magical setting is perfect for swimming and picnics.

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Shopping and Market Day

The capital city of Kingstown on St. Vincent has twelve small blocks that are easy to walk and perfect for browsing. St. Vincent Craft Center is a market outlet and craft shop, this center has a wide variety of handicraft items showing the essential character and talent of our local people. At the Cruise Ship Complex you will find a number of boutiques and shops.

Market days are Friday and Saturday. This market is a spectacularly colorful display of fresh fruits, vegetables, meats and fish. Plan to get there before 10 a.m. so you can see it at its best.

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